Friday, January 20, 2012

Prairie Schooler Giraffe

I finished up my final Christmas ornament this morning.  How bad is that?  I'm almost an entire month behind.

Book No. 71 by Prairie Schooler, Two by Two
Fabric:  Mystery 36 ct. linen
Fibre's:  as charted
Embellishments: Ruched ribbon

I added some holly and beaded berries to make it look more Christmasy:

My daughter didn't mind about the lateness at least and she thought it was so cute.  She loves giraffes so this was perfect for her.

I am definately starting my ornament gift stitching WAAAAAY earlier this year.  No more late gifts!!! 

Hey Sandra:) do you recognize the little zipper bag in the background of my pictures??

My lucky kids got a snow day today.  It didn't snow too much but they're calling for freezing rain this afternoon.  I guess the roads were pretty bad this morning.  My kids go to private school and they have kids driving from all over the place to get there so when it's bad, it's a snow day. 

The cities east of us had all their schools closed since Wednesday, even the public ones which is unheard of! 

Take care everyone and have a nice weekend!


Patty C. said...

Love it - so well finished ;)

Colorado Stitcher said...

Better late than never and it is soooo cute and worth the wait!

Lesleyanne said...

A gorgeous finish.

Ma Teakettle said...

It's beautiful! I just love your finish. :)
Stay warm

Sandra :) said...

HAHA before I read your text I wondered if the adorable giraffe was for your daughter, and then I thought ... hmmmmmmm that fabric looks familiar, LOL!!

Your ornaments aren't late - they're EARLY FOR NEXT YEAR, silly goose!! ;)

Cindy's Stitching said...

They are my favorite animal also. Love it.

Sally said...

A beautiful finish!

Sharon said...

Your ornament is just darling! Congrats!

Melanie said...

Super cute finish!!