Friday, August 28, 2009


It's done! I finished putting in the last stitch to my initials and the year last night and now it's framing time! Hopefully that will go as well! I just love how the back stitching on the tails turned out. The chart didn't call for beads (horns, hoofs, eyes, flowers) but I thought they would add nicely to the finished project and I think I'm right.

Mes Girafe by Tom & Lilly
28 count Raw Cashel Linen
DMC Floss & Mill Hill Beads (my conversion)

I'm still making good progress on Christmas by the Letter as you can see here:

I want to add another WIP in the rotation to keep from getting bored. My plan is to make ornaments for my family this Christmas so I should probably get a leg up on that.

I got some stash in the mail yesterday from The Silver Needle. Yet more stitching to do:

Happy Stitching!


Sandra :) said...

Mes Giraffe is wonderful - your DD is very lucky!

I'm planning on doing ornaments as well again this year - I really need to get cracking on them!

Cindy's Stitching said...

I love the Giraffe's - it is my favorite animal.