Thursday, September 3, 2009

Stitching and Pizza

Things are going along great for my challenge with Sandra Sews:). I'm almost done the stitching after two lovely evenings in my stitching room with Jane Austen movies playing in the background.

I chose "Christmas Tree" by Country Cottage Needleworks. It's part 3 of her Winter Wonderland Thread Pack series. I love the Crescent Colours silks included. They just glide through the linen. Tomorrow, if all goes well today and I finish the stitching, I'm going to pull out the sewing machine and do the finishing.

As for the pizza part of this post, today was my first foray into bread dough making without the breadmaker. I made pizza bread, a recipe I found on a wonderful blog I found called Cooking During Stolen Moments.

I recently started doing a weekly meal plan and grocery shopping once a week. Since two of the things I hate most in the world are figuring out what to make for dinner and grocery shopping (I should say loathe!) I figured meal planning was the way to go! After two weeks I have to say it's been quite liberating. All I have to do in the morning is check my plan and I'm good to go. I highly recommend it!

Here are the results of my bread baking (dough after rising for an hour):

I'm glad the dough turned out so well as my Jenn-Aire mixer started smoking as a result of it. I think that's a bad thing *GRIN*. Luckily my hubby, being in the appliance industry, has a contact at Kitchen Aid so he's going to get me a new mixer...I should have made dough a long time ago...

Here it is with all the fillings before being rolled up like a jelly roll:

And here is the delicious (if i do say so myself) final result:

My son was official taste tester and declared it "a keeper!"


Daffycat said...

Wonderful progress on you challenge piece!

I used to plan out dinners...even to writing down the menu and posting it on the fridge!

Marnie said...

Oh my that looks dee-LISH! Congrats on your Christmas tree finish. It is lovely.

Sandra :) said...

Your ornament is fantastic - I can't wait to see how you finish it! I'm about half-way finished stitching Mr. Reindeer - I should be able to get everything finished by Sunday *fingers crossed* :)

Your pizza bread looks yummy - I'll try it this weekend - the weather has cooled down enough that baking some bread sounds like a good idea! I hope your hubby gets you a KA mixer - I LOVE MINE!

Jennifer said...

oh that looks Yummy!

Feathers in the Nest

Tanya said...

Wow - now I'm hungry!!! lol