Friday, January 28, 2011

Ski Trip and Stash!

We got home from Colorado on Tuesday night after playing Planes, Trains and Automobiles.  SUV from Vail to Denver, plane from Denver to Seattle, bus from Seattle to Bellingham and then home in the car.  Phew!  It was so worth it though.  Here are a few photos that I found online of the skiing and other highlights of our trip.

Beaver Creek Ski Hill  (This is what it was our first day of skiing)

Beano's Cabin (A fabulous restaurant)

On our second last night we were pulled up the mountain to Beano's in an open air sled pulled by a grooming machine of all things!  The trip up took about 15 minutes (going down took about 10) and was incredible and pretty warm too.  They had lined blankets for everyone to bury under.  The food there was spectacular too. 

We were treated to incredible meals and incredible skiing.  The best of our lives in fact.  Up at Vail mountain we were skiing in powder up to our knees.  Hubby was in his glory because he had someone to go on all the black diamond runs with him plus he got to go skiing 5 days!  (3 was enough for me)  I managed to get far more stitching in than I thought.  I'll post those pictures in a few days.

Here is some stash that was awaiting me when we got home:

32 ct. Lakeside Linen in Butter Cream & Aqua Mist

I signed up for a Linen collector program at Traditional Stitches in Calgary.  Janice, the owner, convinced me to give Lakeside Linen a try.  I chose 32 ct because that seems to be my go-to fabric count.

Variegated Silk by Hand Dyed Fibers 

These came on this little plastic spools which I hated so I made my own floss tags and peeled the stickers with the names off the spools and stuck to the tags.  It was kind of finicky but I was not keeping them on the spools.  You really see the sheen like this.

Have a great weekend!


Flower Pond Studio said...

Sounds like you had a great time on vacation and the trip to the restaurant sounds wonderful. I bet it was a special evening! The linen you shared looks beautiful! I'd be interested in hearing more about what a "linen collector" program is. Do you have pics of the little plastic spools that the silk came on? I've been looking for some, but I can't seem to find them. Thx-

Crystal said...

Glad your home and you had fun. Sounds like a wonderful vacation. What is a "Linen collector" program and I love your new thread, looking forward to seeing what your planning on stitching with it.

Natasha said...

Ohhh I am so envious of you right now :) I use to live in Denver and really miss skiing the rockies. I now live in Northern California, so I still get to ski but it does not compare to the snow that the rockies produce. Looks like a fabulous time you all had.

I LOVE your fabric stash, that aqua color is stunning :)

Anonymous said...

I am glad someone is enjoying the snow. Enjoy your great stash!

Sandra :) said...

Welcome home - I'm glad you had a good time!! I have to agree with Mare - I'm glad SOMEONE is enjoying the snow (I'm sure not, LOL!).

Your new goodies are gorgeous, especially those delicious threads - I want to fondle them!! :D

Anne said...

Wow, Colorado! Very beautiful state and amazing mountain and restaurant! Glad to hear you all had a wonderful time and so exciting to have stash waiting for you upon your return! Love the linen colours and your gorgeous silks! Janice sent a nice selection of linens and a decent size too! Can't wait to see what you will use it for :D

Melanie said...

Great stash!!! :)

Karen said...

You will love the Buttercream.... it so versatile for so many projects! If it is like it is my stash, it won't last long...

happy stitching...

Hillery said...

I got your package, Aubree. Thank you so much. Everything is lovely. I can't wait to get started.
Thanks again,