Friday, July 2, 2010

Daughters Are Awesome!

Sons are great too but the reason for the title of this post is this:

White chocolate mouse cake!  Yummy!

Yesterday was my birthday (I'm a Canada Day baby!) and although I have a wonderful hubby he slacks in the bday department, just the celebration of it, not the present part! ;-) We were invited to friends for a Canada Day pool party/bbq, (it was 13 degrees celcius yesterday, for my US readers that's 55 F. IN JULY!!!) I was sitting outside, having a glass of wine and chatting with friends when out came my sweet girl with a cake and everyone sang Happy Birthday to me! It was awesome!

Apparently she coordinated pick-up the cake and everything, hubby said he had "minimal" involvement. Pretty brave to admit that! 


Patty C. said...

Looks yummy
Happy Belated Birthday

Cole said...

Happy Birthday!! If you have any cake left you could ship me a piece, it looks yummy :)

Parsley said...

Yum! Would you consider joining my recipe exchange and perhaps share the word with your readers? We all like yummy food! Here's the post for more info:

Melanie said...

Yum. Yum. And YUM.
Happy birthday!

Peggy Lee said...

This was a bad time to look through my blog am I hungry now!
A very happy birthday to you!
Please do me a favor and eat a bite for ME!

Deb said...

Happy, happy birthday!!!! That cake looks so pretty and I bet it tasted just as good. It's been cool here too, but a welcome relief from the heat that we had (and that I guess we're getting back in a couple years).

Elaine said...

Aww lovely daughter and that cake looks so yummy!
Belated Birthday wishes.

Carol said...

What a wonderful daughter! Happy belated birthday to you--that cake looks amazing :)

Daffycat said...

What a wonderful cake! Happy birthday, Sweetie!