Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Olympic Experience - Pt. 1

My hubby was lucky enough to get tickets to Molson Candadian Hockey House given to him for last night.  What a great time it was!  There were so many exciting things that happened while we were there.  It was Wayne Gretzky day and he actually showed up.  I even had a close encounter with him (and his "entourage") in the hallway by the bathroom.  He's taller than I figured, even without skates on!

My hubby is tall so he was holding the camera up taking pictures.  My SIL emailed this morning asking if we were there because she saw hubby on the news taking pictures all the way in Ontario. 

Kevin Lowe and Grant Fuhr were there too.  It was cool for me because I'm an Edmontonian born and bred and those 3 won a bunch of Stanley Cups together in the 80's for the Edmonton Oilers.

Here is my DH with some nice RCMP officers.  They were very gracious, posing for pictures with everyone.

While we were there The Canadian Tenors performed.  Not only are they heavenly to listen to, they are super handsome too!  ;)

Jon Montgomery won Gold in the Skeleton while we were there too.  That was so exciting!!!

Here is a photo of DH and an OLYMPIC TORCH that was actually used in the torch relay:

Tomorrow we're taking the kids to watch Martin and fellow Canadian curlers play. I hope to get a picture of the Cauldron to post!  I didn't think I'd be as into the Games as I am, nor did I think I'd get to experience any of them so it's pretty exciting! 



Lisa S said...

Wow! How cool Aubree that your getting to experience some of the olympics!! I am jealous! LOL Great picture of Wayne too!
Enjoy your day tomorrow!

Parsley said...

Wow! So very cool! Wish I was there!

Cole said...

Jealous!! No seriously though, what a great experience! :)

Elaine said...

Wow, How cool! What wonderful memorys to have.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I grew up in Santa Monica, California and was looking forward to the Olymbics when they were in L.A. but ended up going to grad school out of state a month before the games!:( So glad you are gettig to experience them. ENJOY!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

lol, Here in Brantford it seems that everyday is a Wayne day but more-so a Walter (Wayne's dad)day, simply because he is out in the community every day and always has a helping hand anywhere he goes.
Be always in stitches.