Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another finish!

Here is my latest finish! It is also my very first pillow ornament. I love how it turned out! I'm really glad I had my sewing machine serviced because it would have taken forever to sew it by hand.

Glory to God
Little House Needleworks
JCS 2008 Ornament Issue
32 count linen in Raw
Backing fabric olive green to match ribbon & DMC 730
Threads: DMC conversion
Royal Plum Mill Hill Seed Beads (#02012)


staci said...

I saw your pretty ornie on the WLCoStoo blog and thought I'd mosey over here and take a look at your blog :) Welcome to blogging! Your stitching is lovely and I look forward to seeing more of it!

Annemarie said...

I only just found your blog, and I have to say I love your stitching! This ornie was one of my favourites from the 2008 issue, and if I DO get around to stitching ornaments this year, this will be the first :o) Nice to see you in Blogland!

Daffycat said...

Lovely finish! Thank you for visiting my blog...I love finding new blogs to read. Welcome to blogland!

Julianne said...

Welcome to blogland. Your stitching and finishing are lovely. I'll place your blog on my sidebar.

george bentley said...
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CraftyT said...

This is a great finish. Very nice stitching.